Workshop Description

With Team-Based Learning (TBL), time used in the classroom is shifted away from concepts being solely taught by the instructor, and instead, attention is primarily focused towards application of the course’s concepts within student teams.  To better achieve TBL, students are first responsible for reading and then checking his or her readiness by using a Readiness Assurance Process (RAP) prior to class time.  The RAP ensures that the time students spend in the classroom can be used towards application of knowledge via team exercises.  This 1-day hands-on workshop is a valuable tool for learning TBL principles as well as strategies for effectively applying TBL in the classroom.

Workshop Outcome

  • Familiarize the TBL principles and understand the effectiveness of TBL methodology
  • Evaluate the benefits of TBL aside from learning course content within a classroom
  • Enhance skills and relationships when working as part of a team with our hands-on activities
  • Convey how content and academic gains are not “sacrificed” in a TBL classroom
  • Provide insight about how participants have gained knowledge in regards to teaching or learning
  • Discuss which courses are best suited with a TBL classroom

Who Should Attend?

  • Faculty and Staffs in higher education
  • K-12 teachers
  • Graduate Students
  • Whoever has interested on professional development

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Language: English or Arabic

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