Workshop Description

In a Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) classroom, students work cooperatively in self-managed small groups. The group work is focused on activities that are carefully designed and scaffolded to enable students to develop important concepts. In addition, the learning environment is structured to support the development of process skills of great value in the workplace and in life. The instructor’s role is to facilitate the development of student concepts and process skills. Participants of this workshop will receive an introduction to POGIL and explore the advantages of inquiry-based active learning in the classroom. Specifically, individuals will analyze hands-on activities to understand how inquisition is guided in a structured POGIL classroom.

Workshop Outcome

  • Evaluate the fundamental principles of POGIL
  • Understand the effectiveness of POGIL methodology
  • Examine several benefits of POGIL aside from learning course content within a classroom with our hands-on activities
  • Convey how content/academic gains are not “sacrificed” in a POGIL classroom
  • Provide insight about how individuals have gained knowledge in regards to teaching or learning

Who Should Attend?

  • Faculty and Staffs in higher education
  • K-12 teachers
  • Graduate Students
  • Whoever has interested on professional development

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Language: English or Arabic

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