Flipped Classroom

Workshop Description

“Flipping the classroom describes a teaching strategy where students begin learning about new material outside of class, either by selected reading assignments or lecture videos, and then using the class time for students to solidify their understanding by actively participating in activities such as problem-solving, discussion, or debates. During this workshop, you will develop a plan to flip a class in one of your courses including plans for activities and what materials to provide outside of class.

Workshop Outcome

  • Explore concrete strategies for “flipping” courses.
  • Build a community of faculty members engaging with “flipping” pedagogy.
  • Consider pedagogical strategies for teaching in a flipped classroom.
  • Explore techniques for exposing students to content before class.
  • Identify in-class activities that facilitate learning.
  • Select methods that reach diverse learners and improve student learning.
  • Develop an individual plan for “flipping” a class in an upcoming course.

Who Should Attend?

  • Faculty and Staffs in higher education
  • K-12 teachers
  • Graduate Students
  • Whoever has interested on professional development

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Previous Offerings of This Workshop

Program Organizer Date Participants Language
Saudi Aramco Summer Program for Science and Math Teachers Saudi Aramco 23/07/2009 Teachers and Education Supervisors Arabic
Second International Conference on e-Learning National Center for e-Learning in Saudi Arabia 25/02/2011 Faculty Members at Saudi Universities Arabic
Academic Development of Faculty Members for the Preparatory Year at Taibah University Ghadan Consulting 27/08/2013 Faculty members for the preparatory year at the University of Taiba Arabic


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