General Policy on attendance and make-ups

(a) Students are expected to be present at the beginning of the class.
(b) Attendance in the lectures classes will be taken within five minutes of the beginning of the class
(c) A DN grade will be given to any student exceeding:
– 9 unexcused absences or a total of 15 absences (whether excused or unexcused) in the lectures or
– 3 unexcused or a total of 5 absences (whether excused or unexcused) in the laboratory sessions
An officially authorized excuse of absence must be presented to the instructor no later than one week following the resumption of class attendance.
(d)  No make-ups will be given for quizzes or exams.

Homework, Quizzes and Exams

The minimum number of end-of-chapter problems that students should solve during self-study at home are instructed by instructor.  Homework will be collected and counted towards the classwork grade. Students are expected to solve as many problems as possible. Solutions to the homework problems will be posted on the Blackboard.  6-8 Quizzes will be given in the recitation classes during the semester.


  1. The assigned experiments are arranged to correlate with the material in the lecture part of the course.
  2. Absence is the most common cause of a low grade in the lab part of the course. A DN grade in the course is given if the number of unexcused absences exceeds three or the total number of absences (whether excused or unexcused) exceeds five.
  3. The laboratory is assigned 80 points (20 % of the course) as follows:
  4. Reports on Experiments –60 points (performance throughout the semester)
  5. Final Lab Exam     –20 points (8 for a written test & 12 for an Experiment)

Plagiarism and Cheating (Please read carefully)

In this course, there will be individual assignments and group assignments.  It is important that your individual assignments be completed with your own efforts alone.  The instructor cannot and will not tolerate any sort of academic dishonesty. It is also the responsibility of the student to be on guard against cheating at any time when writing a paper to be turned in and while taking exams and quizzes.
During tests (quizzes or exams), cheating or attempting to cheat by any means or using any unauthorized tools (such as mobiles) will result in a grade of F in the course and raising the issue to the higher university administration.