Mohammed Abdelbassit

Abdelbassit_PhotoHi! I am Mohammed Abdelbassit. I was born and raised in Khartoum, Capital of North Sudan. I joined Alhooshani’s research group as a M.S. student at KFUPM just after finishing my B.Sc. in Chemistry from Sudan University of Science & Technology in 2012. My research interests include synthesis of new functional nanomaterials based on carbon, silica, titania, ceria and their hybrid nanomaterials for removal of environmental hazards contaminants. I have a special interest in the development of lightweight, high strength, highly wear resistant and highly tough nanocomposites.

Saheed A. Ganiyu

Saheed A. GaniyuSaheed A. Ganiyu joined King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in 2011 and currently serving as Lecturer-B at CENT/Chemistry. Prior to his joining KFUPM, He obtained his Bachelor degree from University of Ilorin, Nigeria and worked as Quality control (QC) analyst in pharmaceutical and food industries. His research interests focus on development of mesoporous and microporous materials for Catalytic and Environmental applications. He’s currently working on different desulfurization techniques (adsorption, oxidation and hydrodesulfurization) to achieve sulfur-free fuel oil.

Rami Bahaeldin Elsayed

RamiI am Rami Bahaeldin Elsayed. I am from Sudan, but I was born and raised in Sana’a, Capital of Yemen. After completing my B.Sc. in Chemistry from Sudan University of Science & Technology, I joined Alhooshani’s research group as a M.S. student at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in the beginning of 2012. My research interest is focused on the synthesis, characterization and application of nanostructured catalysts. Where, it’s a great deal of learning nanomaterials synthesis methods such as sol-gel, hydro- solvothermal method etc, and characterization tools such as XRD, TEM, FESEM, Raman Spectroscopy, DRS, EDS and FT-IR. In terms of application, it’s mainly focused on the preparation of electrodes on conductive substrate, testing the photoelectrochemical reactions, operating photoelectrochemical cells and photo-reactors, analysis of samples using GC-MS and so forth. ,

Abdulkadir Tanimu

Abdulkadir_TanimuMy research is in the field of developing a capillary microreactor immobilized with catalyst supported on metal oxide thin film. My thesis in particular is on developing a cerium oxide thin film which can support metal catalyst in capillary microreactor. In this research, cerium isopropoxide, a cerium oxide precursor, would be synthesized and characterized using NMR. The sol-gel process, of hydrolysis and condensation, would be applied to develop cerium oxide thin film which would be characterized using TGA, XRD, TEM, SEM and FTIR. The idea about it pore size and surface area would enable the incorporation of catalyst nanoparticles within the pores. After drying and calcination, the developed capillary would be applied for hydrogenation reactions.

Kazeem Oludare Sulaiman

Kazeem_SulaimanMr Kazeem Oludare Sulaiman is a Full-Time Master Student of Chemistry Department, KFUPM with research pursuit in Advanced Materials for Catalytic and Separation Applications. Specifically, the research focuses on the modification of conventional faujasite zeolite in addressing the diffusivity problem that limits their application in high volume processes; catalysis and water treatment. Remarkably, the hierarchically structured super dealuminated ultra stable Y (SDUSY) zeolites by novel approach show potential application as promising catalysts for waste plastic recycling and as efficient ion- exchanger media for removal of heavy metal ions from water.;;

Shehzada Muhammad Sajid Jillani

SajidI am from Lahore, Pakistan & working as Lecturer-B at Chemistry Department, KFUPM, KSA since January 2013. In past I have served WAPDA & EPA, the most prestigious governmental departments of Pakistan as Research officer. My area of specialization is analytical chemistry, where the research interests goes as following i.e., method development & validation, separation, extraction, material synthesis, characterization, instrumentations etc. After joining Alhooshani’s group as PhD students, my focus is to develop polymeric adsorbents as an extracting tool for various polar environmental pollutants & their analysis.

Undergraduate Students

Mohamed Ahmed Babidan

MohamedABI joined Dr. Ahooshani’s research group as a final year project and my research focuses on development of Pd-immobilized capillary microreactor for application in Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reactions. In this research, Pd-nanoparticles supported on silica would be coated in the microcapillary and tested for the coupling reaction. Finally, the capillary microreactor performance would be compared with that of the batch reactor.