My primary research interests are focused in the development of advanced materials for analytical and catalytic application that is used in environmental and biological analyses. My expertise centers upon creating and evaluating the performance of the developed material by using chromatographic techniques. Additionally, my research group focuses on the development of novel techniques that allow us to better-detect analytes of current interest, which include environmental carcinogens, such as disinfection byproduct, heterocyclic aromatic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, phenols, inorganic anions, endocrine disruptors, and biological compounds.


2005      Ph.D., University of South Florida (USF), Department of Chemistry

2001      M.Sc., Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), Department of Chemistry

1994      B.E., King Saud University, Riyadh (KSU), Department of Chemistry


2016-Present      Associate Professor, Chemistry Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

2013-2013           Visiting researcher at Cranfield University, Water Science Institute. Summer 2013

2011-2011           Visiting researcher at Caltech, (Caltech), department of Chemistry. Summer 2011

2007-2010           Visiting researcher at National University of Singapore, (NUS), department of Chemistry. Summer 2006,07,10

2006-2007           Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

2001-2005           Ph.D. graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, University of South Florida (USF), USA

1999-2001           MS graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), USA

1996-1998           Graduate Assistant, Arass Teachers College, Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia

1994-1996           Instructor, Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia


  • Crude Oil desulfurization catalysts, and sorbents.
  • Organic-inorganic hybrid coatings on the inner surface of fused silica capillary.
  • Cost-efficient sorbents for organic contaminants removal from water.
  • Developing miniaturized sample preparations techniques, such as solid phase microextraction (SPME), electromembrane extraction (EME), and single use µSPE bag.
  • Improving science education, particularly through guided inquiry and team based learning in classrooms.
  • Leading workshops to teach other educators how to implement various techniques and modes of learning and teaching.


  • American Chemical Society
  • Saudi Chemical Society